I Never Wanted a Dog


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Many people struggle with loneliness or feelings of abandonment. Most of us have at one time or another. I’m sure Clovis felt the same way. Having been a stray dog for almost three years, completely out on her own with no one to care for her, she had to have felt completely alone, constantly frightened and hopelessly abandoned. Maybe this is why God put her in my life-to demonstrate love and patience to her as He does to me. As He does to my daughter. As He does to us all. Not only was the Covid-19 pandemic at its height, causing problems for just about everyone, but the winter of 2021 in North Texas was brutal with its heavy snow, ice, and single-digit temperatures. The reality of the storm with extended power outages, damaged homes from broken water pipes, and the inability to go to work was all too real for many of us. It was all too real for Clovis. With patience, kindness, faithfulness, and a lot of prayer, I was hoping Clovis would not just find a home but also peace and rest, just as we find peace and rest when we finally trust God to care for us, provide for us, and keep us safe and at home with Him. It’s amazing to find out what lessons God wants to teach us if we just let Him. All because of a dog.

ISBN: 9798817178753
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Pub Date: 08/2022
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Weight 0.55 lbs
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