I Am the Storm


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Publisher: Junkyard Dog
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The first book in a thrilling series set in a dystopian post-apocalyptic future, Trisha Lynn Halaas’s debut novel explores timely themes, addiction and grief, in a new and unique way. Full of action, adventure, and mystery; a sister must save her brother, as the two are chosen Holy Warriors in a new world of rapture. The story follows our heroine, Lyvia, as she is tasked with the search for the only Holy Relic that will bring her brother, Shane, back to life. The only problem- the aforementioned object rests in the hands of her ex-boyfriend, who happens to be the Devil, himself. We find Lyvia in this dilemma following the second “Great Rain.” Due to a hundred-year rainfall, the world as we know it has shrunk to one island of land. The rest of the globe is covered in ocean. This new world is called the “Realm,” and it is sectioned into seven “Shires.”

This adventurous page-turner will appeal to fans of The Hunger Games and George R. R. Martin. Trisha lost her brother, Shane Halaas, in July 2017, from addiction. In the book, his name has remained the same.

ISBN: 9781735203607
Publisher: Junkyard Dog
Pub Date: 11/2020
Format: Paperback
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Weight 0.67 lbs
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