Hygge Habits: 42 Habits for a Happy Life through Danish Hygge that take Five Minutes or Less

Author: Helena Olsen



Hygge Habits – 42 Habits for a Happy Life through Danish Hygge that take Five Minutes or Less

Hygge can be translated in many different ways although it is impossible to describe all that it covers in one English word. A sense of belonging and community, warmth, comfort, companionship, a sense of purpose that values looking after yourself, your family and friends above all – these might be some of the ways to think of hygge.

This book will provide you with not just an understanding of what hygge is, but also how you can incorporate hygge and all its benefits into you life with 42 habits that will take no more than five minutes each. This book is a resource of activities and actions that you can put into practice today. These habits all take under 5 minutes to carry out, but will have significant benefits for you, both in the short and in the long term.

Read this book to gain an understanding of some of the reasons why the Danes are so happy and how you can follow Danish principles easily and painlessly. This book reveals how to add hygge to your home, how to create hygge with your family and community, in the workplace and most importantly within yourself.
This book is a practical resource of how to build the very concept of hygge into your life so it becomes second nature to you. It covers different aspects of your life and gives a clear understanding of why and how you can add more hygge into your daily or weekly routine – quickly and easily.

Learn about practical ways to create hygge habits including:

  • How to create the perfect hygge environment
  • How to add hygge habits to your personal, daily routine with no fuss
  • How to minimize and cope with stress with hygge habits
  • How to add hygge benefits to your interactions with your friends
  • How to build easy hygge habits and time into your family’s routine
  • How to ensure that hygge habits are long-lasting and stick
  • And much more…

If you are looking for an explanation of hygge and how to build it and all of its benefits into your daily routine easily and painlessly, then this book is for you.

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