Huron Blackheart: Master of the Maelstrom

Author: Mike Brooks


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Publisher: Games Workshop
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Huron Blackheart, Master of the piratical Chaos warband the Red Corsairs, makes a action packed return in this great character focussed novel.

Huron Blackheart is the master of the Red Corsairs, but keeping power is never certain for those renegades who have renounced the Imperium. With the galaxy thrown into turmoil by the return of Roboute Guilliman, and new challenges to his authority emerging within his own ranks, Huron must call on every trick he knows to stay in control… and alive. But even a warrior as ferocious as the Blood Reaver must be wary, for although there are still bargains open to him, not all are ones he should rush into…

ISBN: 9781804070499
Publisher: Games Workshop
Pub Date: 05/2022
Format: Hardcover
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