How to Remake the World Neighborhood by Neighborhood


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A proven answer to our most difficult social problems is underway, and it begins locally. This is a way to heal racial tensions, create bonds of friendship, and cure the loneliness and depression that blights our communities. How to Remake the World One Neighborhood at a Time tells the story of Community Renewal International (CRI), an organization that has built a movement to include cities across the United States and Africa. Where it takes root, crime rates plummet and people come out of their homes to lead happier lives, feeling safe and loved. “You have the premier community renewal building model in the nation. I’ve never seen a more exciting opportunity than what I see here in Shreveport.” – the late Millard Fuller, founder, Habitat for Humanity “A lot of cities are struggling to build community and CRI is a model for what cities all across America need. I applaud you.” – Paul Farmer, executive director and CEO, American Planning Association

ISBN: 9781626985001
Publisher: Orbis Books
Pub Date: 11/2022
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