How To Play Pickleball: The Complete Beginners Guide to Learn The Rules, Fundamentals, and Winning Strategies to Dominate the Game of Pickleba

Author: Clay Pierce


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Want to Play Pickleball – the Most Popular and Trending Game? Stuck Where to Start?

The named sport “Pickleball” is the fastest growing game in America. What’s making it so popular? It’s a fun sport that can be played by all ages and does not need fancy gear like other games. It’s a unique paddle ball sport, having many common features with tennis, badminton, and table tennis.

The other main reason it’s widely being played or talked about across America is that it’s not only a sport but also a social activity. With Pickleball, age is no bar. Anyone can play this with their family, friends, and their colleagues. The rules are very simple to follow yet create a competitive and cheerful environment due to the game’s amusing nature.

To enjoy the fun with Pickleball, here we bring you the complete guide about Pickleball. This guide includes all the basic knowledge you need to start and play Pickleball. Whether you are a grandpa or a college-going teenager, it doesn’t matter; this book enables you to learn all the rules, tips, and tricks to become a pro-level player in Pickleball.

Inside this book, You’ll find

  • What’s Pickleball All About?
  • Exact Rules and Regulations of the Game
  • Find What Equipment is Needed
  • How to Choose the Right Equipment
  • Basics of Serving in the Game
  • How to Serve and Rules For it
  • Find What’s Volley and What are the Zones
  • All about Player Positions
  • Different Pickleball Shots Explained – In Detail
  • How to Start Playing Pickleball
  • Where to Find a Coach
  • Types of Coaching
  • Quick Tips to Become a Pro in the Game
  • Complete Fundamental Guide about Pickleball

Do You Want to Play Pickleball but are Not Sure About the Game?

This book will help you as a guide to making you learn everything about the Pickleball game. Here you can find all the rules explained simply.

You also get to know in-depth knowledge about what gear is needed, how to choose it, what are the different positions in the game, what shots you can play, what are servings and their rules, and what are volley’s tips to become an expert, and much more. This book also helps you know whether you need a coach or are playing well. If coaching is needed, where can you get good coaches? What are the types of servings? And many more of these kinds of basic questions are answered for you in this guide.

This Ultimate Guide is specially designed for Beginners, so they don’t feel left out next time they watch Pickleball being played anywhere around them. So, start playing and having fun with Pickleball and spread the word about this fun-filled sport if you haven’t heard it yet.

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ISBN: 9781088058336
Publisher: Clay Pierce
Pub Date: 07/2022
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