How to Learn Muscle Control



“This … is the joint work of Otto Arco and myself. The division of labor is somewhat unequal. Arco does all the work of posing and supplies all the details of instruction. All that I do is to get the material together, to expand his all-too-brief notes, to comment on his ideas and attend to the publication. Personally I have been familiar with the subject of muscle-control since thirty years ago, when I saw it demonstrated by Checkley, by Sandow and by the dozens of performers who imitated his posing act. Sandow used muscle-control as a part of his posing; that is, many of his poses depended for their effectiveness on his ability to control, and thus display, his muscles. Those who reproduced his act, reproduced his poses, as well as they could; but there was no decided advance in the art of muscle- control until Arco came along. He not only was able to duplicate all the control feats of his predecessor, but by reason of his study and knowledge, could and did, originate a lot of new feats; getting his own muscles under the control of his will to a degree that no one else has been able to even approximate-much less equal.” -Alan Calvert This is a restored edition of Arco and Calvert’s 1925 classic. The text remains exactly as written. This book has many pages with old photographs and illustrations. This is a must have book for your physical culture library. Visit us and see all of our books at Physical Culture

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