How To Learn Left-Handed Crochet: Basic Understanding of Left-Handed Crochet: Ultimate Guide To Left-Handed Crochet


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Left-handed crochet is basically a mirror-image of right-handed crochet. The left-handed crocheter holds the crochet hook in his or her left hand and the yarn in the right hand. Learning how to hold the hook (in either “pencil grip” or “knife grip”) and manipulate the yarn is similar to learning as a right-handed crafter; follow your teachers and tutorials but also figure out what works best for you. The majority of crochet tutorials, and nearly all crochet patterns and symbol charts, are written for right-handed crochet. In left-handed crochet, you follow the exact same instructions, but you work in the opposite direction. This means that when you are working rows, row one will be worked into the foundation chain starting on the left side and working towards the right. This should feel fairly natural to you as a left-hander. It also means that when youareworking in rounds, you will be crocheting clockwise, rather than the counter-clockwise way that righties are working.

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