How I Was Cured of Chronic Hepatitis B: The old fashioned way -Herbs, Diet and lifestyle


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I am not a medical Doctor or an herbalist by profession. I am a patient who found solution on how to fight a disease that has been termed incurable and want to share it especially with victims of the same vice. Through herbs and simple lifestyle changes, you can attain a cure by eradication or by function. The fact is that with information contained herein, Hepatitis B can never ever cause death, damage or illness to any patient currently living with it. I grew up in the rural village where herbs are considered to be sacred and as such only the called “Dibia” Native doctors, herbalist are meant to administer it. Some hold the idea that some plants are mobile in nature and as such they travel and come back or relocate themselves to another location. Some also say that herbs speak and unless you possess the ability to hear them, you will not know what they are used for. I have not yet verified this claims but it has been believed due to the interests or what the native doctors and herbalists want to protect and shield from the public.In the eastern state of my country in Africa, precisely Nigeria, due to this belief that herbs should only be used when the gods are consulted and given approvals, I believed that the use of herbs is only meant for the Native doctors coupled with the fact that these native doctors are also involved in rituals and consultation of spirits. I had also believed those stories and ideas behind herbs as they say it is true but have come to know why such myths are attached to herbs. Today I have practically experience the power of herbs and I am happy to share some of them with you in this little book of “How I was cured of chronic hepatitis B using herbs, diet and lifestyle changes.

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