Hooks, Trips, Throws, & Takedowns: Standup Grappling: The Cherpillod Method


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Standup wrestling without a gi What a concept… This is to say that for various reasons standing grappling seems to be given short shrift in the martial arts world, either due to a lack of space, liability issues, or a general indifference regarding how one ends up on the ground, so long as one can work well from there. So it would seem that aside from those who are looking to be pro fighters, standup training will tend to be cursory, and perhaps with good reason. That said it is a fascinating and nuanced game, and fun to watch as we see it survive, albeit in a theatrical form, in the world of professional wrestling. Armand Cherpillod was a great Swiss wrestler who bested the best catch wrestlers in Europe. Despite is modest size he was a “human battery” whose knowledge of the subtleties of grappling was unparalleled. This manual on Hooks, Trips, Throws, and Takedowns offers a small taste of the great wrestler’s vast knowledge.

ISBN: 9798628258293
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Pub Date: 03/2020
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