Hiring Right: How to Turn Recruiting Into Your Competitive Advantage

Author: Simon Parkin



Hiring Right is for anyone who interviews and hires for their organization – Hiring Managers, Business Leaders, HR Professionals and Recruiters. What you learn by reading Hiring Right will make it easier to hire great talent. This book presents a model for finding, engaging, closing, and retaining the top candidates and high performers in your market. In a world where many organizations emptily proclaim that people are their greatest asset, this book speaks to the new way of recruiting and hiring great talent that will allow you to turn those platitudes into reality.

None of Hiring Right is theory or blue-sky thinking. Throughout the book you’ll see examples–some inspirational, others cautionary–drawn from daily life at organizations from around the globe Simon Parkin and his team have worked with. Simon’s hope is that you will find yourself thinking “a-ha ” at various points, nodding in recognition at others, and highlighting, underlining, and scribbling notes in the margin in every chapter.

With growing competition for the best candidates, attracting, closing, and retaining talent has become a critical success factor for organizations, and it can make the difference between a company that survives and thrives, and one that does not. The good news for you is that every organization – including your competitors – is facing the same challenges. That creates a massive opportunity: the first organization in a market or industry to adapt to those challenges and changes will create a commanding competitive advantage over other employers.

Over the course of Simon’s career, he has seen many changes in the world of recruitment. In recent years, however, those changes have become seismic. If you are involved in recruiting in any way, you need to adapt to this new world. You cannot afford to ignore the changes, and you cannot simply go on doing what you have always done.

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Pub Date: 11/2018
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