Hey, You’re Not the Easter Bunny!



When the Easter Bunny needs a last-minute substitution, an unlikely hero steps in. Will anyone notice that the Easter Bunny is…an ostrich?!

The Easter Bunny is hard at work hiding eggs for an Easer Egg Hunt. But when he needs to dash back to Easter Island to get more eggs, an unlike hero–an ostrich!–has to put on the bunny ears. She hops into the yard with basket in tow, and is met by a little girl who is eager to start the hunt for eggs. Will this ostrich be able to save Easter? Or will this little girl realize… “Hey! You’re NOT the Easter Bunny!” Readers of all ages are sure to laugh out loud to this hilarious Easter story, and will love being in on the joke as this ostrich does her best to convince everyone that she’s the Easter Bunny, from hopping on a trampoline to laying her own eggs. Full of jokes and charm, this book is perfect for fans of How to Catch the Easter Bunny. Don’t miss this irresistible addition to your Easter book collection that you’ll love reading year after year.

ISBN: 9781338829426
Publisher: Cartwheel Books
Pub Date: 12/2022
Format: Paperback

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