Henry the Wily Catfish: Jack, Patrick, and Ella’s First Adventure

Author: David Cecil


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Publisher: Mascot Kids
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This is a story about three children who live on a small lake somewhere in Virginia.

In this lake lives a VERY big catfish named Henry who has a peculiar scar on his forehead. Over the years, people tried all kinds of baits and lures to catch Henry. But he was too wily.

After hearing about him all their lives, the kids decide they will be the ones to catch Henry the Wily Catfish. But when they try, they get far more than they bargained for!

In Henry the Wily Catfish, children learn that chasing a goal can be as important as achieving it–and that sometimes their achievements can be hurtful to others.

But in the end, if you truly care about others, all will be right with the world.

ISBN: 9781637553138
Publisher: Mascot Kids
Pub Date: 11/2022
Format: Hardcover
Weight: 0.85lbs

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Weight 0.85 lbs