HCG Diet: HCG Diet For Beginners – The Simple Science Of Losing Weight – HCG Diet Recipes – HCG Diet Cookbook – HCG Diet Plan

Author: Leah Ingram


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What is the HCG Diet?

Inside HCG Diet for Beginners: The Simple Science of Losing Weight, you’ll find out how the Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin (HGC) Diet has helped so many people lose weight – and even fight infertility. This revolutionary lifestyle revolves around the HGC hormone (produced by pregnant women), which tells your body to use up all of its fat stores.

With HGC, you can burn over 4,000 calories daily – which equals a weight loss of 1-2 pounds per day

Inside this fascinating book, you’ll learn the science of HGC and how you can easily access this hormone. It describes the history, research, and biology of this fascinating weight loss option. Even better, you no longer need to deal with injections to use HGC – this hormone is now available in creams, lozenges, sprays, pills, and homeopathic remedies.

HCG Diet for Beginners helps you find the best-quality HGC on the market today.

This book helps you through every stage of your HGC journey. You’ll learn about weighing your food (and yourself), controlling portions, and understanding the changes taking place in your body:

  • Phase One: How Loading Days Help You “Loosen” Fat
  • Phase Two: Secrets of Sticking to a Strict Diet for Low Calorie Intake
  • Phase Three: Stabilizing Your Diet and Maintaining Your Weight Loss

You’ll even find comprehensive food lists and expert recommendations

With HCG Diet for Beginners, you can enjoy a huge variety of easy and delicious HCG Diet recipes:

  • Cole Slaw, Asparagus, Cucumber Strawberry, and Spicy Crab Salads
  • Favorites like Shrimp Cocktail, Chili, and Beef Stew
  • Cream of Chicken, French Onion, and Tomato Basil Soups
  • Heathy BBQ Chicken Wraps, Pepper Steak, and Pot Roast
  • and even HGC Hamburgers

You’ll even discover HCG Diet drinks like Strawberry Lemon Soda, Green Tea Apple Juice, and Mint Chocolate Coffee

Don’t wait – Change your life today with HCG Diet for Beginners: The Simple Science of Losing Weight

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