Gun Research Declassified: Visit to Mauser-Werke


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Mauser, Oberndorf, in 1945. Target no. 2/24 of the Americans and British. The C.I.O.S. and other agency personnel were not just out for German rocket scientists, but had keen interest in German factories in general to scrutinize documents and interrogate or interview the people in charge, scientists, engineers, etc. to obtain technical information that might be of value to the Allies. Certainly it was no pleasure for Mauser’s employees when they were interrogated by representatives of the Allies. Who went straight ahead and talked, who held back in their statements? A cat-and-mouse game. Nevertheless: From today’s perspective, a stroke of luck. Because the result of the interrogation was a “visit report” of the highest order. A treat for every Mauser enthusiast and reader with a keen interest in weapons technology. In which areas did Mauser do research? Why were electric primers used? Who were the key people at Mauser? What were their salaries? What equipment was to be evacuated from Oberndorf by a train of 29 wagons? C.I.O.S. report Visit to Mauser-Werke has the answers. Find out about it here.

ISBN: 9783751976930
Publisher: Books on Demand
Pub Date: 11/2020
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