Griz: Volume One and Volume Two

Author: Nick Sutter


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In the old scrolls written by Light, it is said that Griz the Unholy would be free of his demon and save the Tainted. Sin, a dragon that once bore a kinder name, read these scrolls and yet fell into the lure of a demon. With Sin’s possession came the destruction of Griz’s recent home. He vowed to set out on a quest to find this dragon and make it bow before Light and tremble before him. Griz made several allies and intended to hunt the beast down with his little army, until an attack in the night caused the crew’s thoughts to tread elsewhere. A beast that came from a portal from Griz’s past, which became the new domain of the dragon, brought a large collection of demons with it. Griz aimed for the portal, hoping to either close it or make it in after Sin. Griz failed in saving his friends, who died to the creatures that worked for Sin.

Years later, after moving overseas, Griz had a plan in place to inform the people of the possessed dragon. However, the presence of a user of the darkest magics completely threw Griz for a loop and brought his attention further inland. It was only a little way inland that Griz felt the dark energy of the magic user again.

Although it wasn’t the sorcerer that Griz found awaiting him. A man the size of an ogre awaited him, and he bore a mask of a similar ilk as the sorcerer’s. After the ogre had been dealt with, Griz made his way to the north into a village plagued by brigands. The brigands arrived that night and fought Griz and the order of knights in the city center. A good portion of the brigands died and fled the city, leaving their captain behind. Then, the sorcerer appeared and challenged the city’s defense by mere presence alone. After seemingly losing the fight, Griz awoke in the village he first met the magic user in. And it was there he saw Sin a second time.

ISBN: 9798885402958
Publisher: Christian Faith Publishing, Inc
Pub Date: 06/2022
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