Green Witchcraft Grimoire: A Practical Resource for Making Your Own Spells, Rituals, and Recipes



Harness the magical power of nature with this reader-friendly guide to green witchcraft

As the old saying goes, “there’s magic in the green.” And it’s true. The Green Witchcraft Grimoire is the perfect guide for budding green witches who want to harness the magical powers of plants, herbs, and other natural materials to improve every area of their life.

Author and practicing witch Amythyst Raine has put together a fun, easy-to-navigate grimoire journal filled with spells, rituals, and recipes that will become your constant magical companion and a cherished keepsake.

This essential spell book will help you explore the sacred art of green witchcraft using:

  • Basic knowledge like how and why to cast a green circle, which tools you’ll need, and more
  • Spells for seasons, weather, astronomical events, and moon cycles
  • Spells and rituals using crystals, candles, and incense
  • Remedies, balms, tinctures, teas, and sacred recipes
  • Rituals and ceremonies for love
  • Astrological signs and celestial spells
  • Sigils, scrying mirrors, and crystal balls
  • Handcrafts, charms, and natural materials

You also get helpful descriptions of moon phases, lists of essential herbs and supplies for a witch’s kitchen, and pages to write down your notes and reflections.

Learn the ways of the green witch and tap into the power of the natural world with the Green Witchcraft Grimoire.

ISBN: 9798886504521
Publisher: Rockridge Press
Pub Date: 09/2022
Format: Hardcover

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