Great Escapes from Detroit


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Publisher: Cornerstone Press
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In Great Escapes from Detroit, Joseph O’Malley tells stories of families living in Detroit. In an imperfect city that beckons and repels, these characters probe the ever-shifting terrain of the human heart, where the tenacious pull and push of love, trepidation, and occasional joy plays out as they navigate the opposing impulses that exist in all families: to embrace their circumstances, or to escape.

Whether it’s the father who fears he may have spawned a monstrously violent child, the woman overwhelmed by dealing with a crazy neighbor while caring for her ailing father, the teenage boy who finds that asceticism won’t shield him from the horrors or the joys of life, or the happy woman who can’t help her severely depressed husband, these stories reveal the throbbing kernel of hope that persists even in the most dire circumstances.

ISBN: 9781733308618
Publisher: Cornerstone Press
Pub Date: 12/2019
Format: Paperback
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Weight 0.67 lbs
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