Grand Grimoire: Imperial Ritual of Magic


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This present book is a grimoire which presents some challenge to classify and describe. Written relatively recently (by the standards of grimoires!) it contains content from a half dozen other works- The Clavicle of Solomon, Black Pullet, and a work by Trithemius, among others. We may best categorize this work as a compiled grimoire, similar to the Petit Albert, or the “Egyptian Secrets” of Albertus Magnus.This work should be distinguished from the older “Grand Grimoire” used to summon Lucifuge Rofocale as this present work is more than half about magical talismans and involves the use of planchettes in a spiritist setting for mediumship. It apparently was used by some sort of occult order or group at some time and listed fourteen distinct degrees one could attain to as well as leaving every other page blank, presumably for note-taking during lectures or courses of some kind.

ISBN: 9798713643638
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Pub Date: 02/2021
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