Good Times! Easy Puzzles & Brain Games: Includes Word Searches, Find the Differences, Shadow Finder, Spot the Odd One Out, Logic Puzzles, Crosswords,


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Publisher: Lomic Books
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This book is packed with a wide variety of easy puzzles and brain games for seniors.

Good Times Easy Puzzles and Brain Games has large print throughout the book for a comfortable and relaxing puzzling experience.

The puzzles and brainteasers in this book challenge the reader to use a wide variety of mental skills including logic, memory, attention to detail and problem solving.

There are many entertaining puzzles and brain games in the book including:

  • Visual puzzles such as Find the Differences, Shadow Finders and Spot the Odd One Out.
  • Word puzzles such as Word Searches, Crosswords and Unscrambles.
  • Memory brain games such as Lovely Lists, Neat Numbers and Symbol Sequence.
  • Logic and number brain games such as Divine Deduction, Tally Totals and Step By Step.

Before each set of puzzles, there is an easy-to-read explanation of how to solve that particular kind of brain game, in case the reader is unfamiliar with any of the puzzle styles.

Seniors will have hours of fun and mental stimulation with this entertaining book.

ISBN: 9780995284272
Publisher: Lomic Books
Pub Date: 03/2017
Format: Paperback
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Weight 0.70 lbs
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