Good Dog Carl Helps Out



Everyone’s favorite babysitter, Carl, is back for another day full of mischief and adventure.

When Carl’s owners leave him at home to take a nap, Carl finds himself doing everything but sleeping! From making deliveries for the pharmacist to joining a magician’s act in the park, Carl’s paws are full as he makes his tracks all over town. With a sense of dogged devotion that only comes from a canine companion, Carl helps out his friends and has some fun along the way, but will he make it back home before Madeline and her mom?

This new board book is the latest title from Alexandra Day. Composed of durable pages and fantastically immersive illustrations, this book features a charming and funny story that is perfect for early readers and excitable children as a precursor to naptime. Carl as usual, charms and delights, and his escapades are sure to become a highly requested bed- and nap-time favorite.

This is a Board Book version of Carl’s Sleepy Afternoon

ISBN: 9781514990100
Publisher: Laughing Elephant
Pub Date: 01/2023
Format: Board Book

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