Golf Law; Golf Course Safety, Security and Risk Management: Volume 1


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Dr. Michael Hurdzan is an internationally recognized golf course architect, consultant, speaker, and writer on a wide range of golf related topics, but none that is more important than golf course safety, security and risk management. This is not a topic commonly taught in school, nor until now has there been an information source solely dedicated to golf course issues. The intent of this book is to provide a platform for golfers, golf course employees, owners and operators on which to build a safety program that fits their individual situation. Avoiding accidents, liability and negligence that could lead to the dreaded lawsuit is paramount, and it begins with foreseeing risks, assessing the probability of harm, and taking appropriate risk management strategies. Dr. Hurdzan explains each of those in great detail. Dr. Hurdzan draws on his over 40 years of active involvement at all levels in the golf industry, especially his experience as an expert witness in over 160 lawsuits, as well as hundreds of hours reading and researching materials related to the subject of this book. He shares that information in a practical way intended to allow others to develop their own methods, procedures and protocols for protecting others, their employers, and themselves.

ISBN: 9781543932133
Publisher: Bookbaby
Pub Date: 08/2018
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