Golden Tome of Treasure Signs, Symbols, and Marks #1

Author: A. V. Adams


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This book provides examples of candidate treasure signs, symbols, and marks still visible right now where the pavement and noise of civilization have not yet encroached. More than a mere table of idealized treasure sign sketches, this book is full of actual pictures of a wide variety of real signs, symbols, and marks from lonely corners of the ever-rugged North American Southwest. Many of these examples are in areas of known mineral wealth, along known routes of ancient travel, or in areas with a documented legendary tale. Others are from wondrous, stumbled-upon areas possessed of no current name, record, or legend. These are the most precious. In truth, Gold, Silver, Copper and valuable minerals have been recovered while prospecting the areas where these signs, symbols, and marks were documented, and perhaps an examination of these occurrences can help you in some future quest of a similar nature. What You Will Find in This Book: – Pictures, not just drawings, of REAL treasure signs, symbols, and marks, including several never-before released stone maps – Advice for how to use treasure signs, symbols, and marks for yourself – Examples of certain site set ups, and analysis of several famous “big” treasure legends – Web links to numerous treasure tales and resources, including GPS starting points

ISBN: 9781718672901
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Pub Date: 05/2018
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