Golden Cities and the Masters of Shamballa



This book holds the long-kept secrets of the Masters of Shamballa and is your next step on the spiritual path to Ascension. However it’s not just a step, but a literal Spiritual Pilgrimage through the words and instruction of the Ascended Masters, to Golden Cities-locations throughout the world where you can accelerate your spiritual development in this Time of Change and Great Awakening.
Through the Adjutant Points, lei-lines, and magical portals described in these pages, you will learn about the growth of HU-man Consciousness and gain entrance into the once guarded knowledge of Master Teachers who aspire for humanity’s freedom. You will discover treasured spiritual techniques that rapidly expand and cultivate your Ascension Process while experiencing Spiritual Migration, a real Spiritual Pilgrimage to each Master’s Golden City. Migratory patterns help to improve self-awareness, a relationship, or integrate spiritual virtues, like harmony, love, illumination, or charity. But as the teachings of this book progress, you will be trained to enter an umbilicus portal for the world-the Heart of the Dove. Here, through simple straight-forward instruction, you experience the Group Mind with other students to focus energies for specific spiritual intentions and causes. These methods accelerate your Ascension Process, and offer a potent spiritual upgrade to all who enter the ONE of Group Mind.
Golden Cities and the Masters of Shamballa contains the detailed, authentic transcripts from the most recent channeled sessions through mystic Lori Toye, and this book was rushed to print because of recent world events and planetary changes. Filled with easy-to-understand full color illustrations, you will read exact instructions on building the New Shamballa, that is, the Golden Grid of Light that holds and contains the wondrous Golden Cities. You will learn more about the newly revealed Ascended Masters and Teachers who will guide and lead us into the New Times as you are introduced into their Shamballa Lineage of Golden City Teaching. This includes the physical locations of their ashrams, retreats, and temples within a Golden City, the Shamballa provenance, and organizational aspects (Spiritual Hierarchy), as you are guided to apply the spiritual techniques and practices for Ascension.
As the Gold Ray bathes our planet and initiates the Golden Age of Kali Yuga, you are fortunate and privileged to learn this timely, soul-freeing wisdom.

ISBN: 9781880050149
Publisher: I Am America Seventh Ray Publishing
Pub Date: 04/2020
Format: Paperback
Weight: 1.21lbs
Size: 9.00h x 6.00w x 0.85d

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Weight 1.21 lbs
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