God Bless This Messy Journal: A Guide to Embracing the Beautiful, Messy You

Author: Hannah Brown



“My life was a complete a mess, and God bless all of it. Because it’s in the messes where we learn the most–as long as we slow down enough to realize what God is trying to show us.”

A life-long journaler, Hannah Brown knows the value of writing down her thoughts every day. Journaling has helped her process the events of her life, cope with adversity and depression, and endure living in the spotlight of international fame. It is, in large part, how she learned to embrace her imperfections, cherish her mistakes, and become stronger and more independent–even as millions around the world scrutinized and criticized her every decision. By leaning into her journaling practice, Hannah found peace, remained grounded, and not only came to accept but to love the messy parts of herself and her life.

Hannah knows intimately that journaling is a powerful spiritual tool to process, reflect, and find perspective in the toughest of times. In the companion to her memoir God Bless This Mess, she encourages you to chronicle your own journey to self-discovery. Hannah provides guided prompts to help you develop a daily practice and shares excerpts from her own personal journals, questions from her own therapist, activities and crafts to cultivate self-care, quotes, lyrics, bible verses, full-color photos, and more.

Beautifully designed and portable, God Bless This Messy Journal is your unique private space to record your intentions, find your truths, honor your feelings, and learn to cherish your whole being, especially the messy parts.

ISBN: 9780063111899
Publisher: Harper Design
Pub Date: 04/2022
Format: Paperback

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