General Knowledge Fun Facts for Kids: Discover Best Kids encyclopedia Book Set age 6 and up. This first edition of Knowledge Encyclopedia is the perfe


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Discover Best Kids encyclopedia Book Set age 6 and up. This first edition of Knowledge Encyclopedia is the perfect Fun Facts book for kids of all ages to go on an adventure through its pages. It covers the complexities of science, technology, space, nature, art, history, and culture, timelines, and cutting-edge graphics to make even the most complex subjects easy to understand. Toddlerhood is an exciting time of learning for your child, full of big changes and plenty of chances to build their knowledge. Contents General Knowledge Fun Facts for Kids The Tallest Tree in the World, Honey Bee, Why Does a Passenger Plane Fly Thousands of Feet?, Golden Plover, Western Tragopan the King of Birds, What is a Satellite Phone?, The Smallest Animals in the World, Pygmy Marmoset, Miniature Horse, Bee Hummingbirds, Philippine Tarsiers, Fennec Fox, Panda Cow, Pygmy Rabbit, Paedocypris, Golden Frog, Non-Renewable Energy Source, Petroleum, Coal, Natural gas, Nuclear energy, Our earth, High Speed Ant, Dragon Fly, The Story of the Thermometer, The Brightest Planet after the Moon, How chameleons Change Color, Lyrebird, A Bird that Mimics Different Sounds, Interesting and Unique Abilities of Some Animals, Wood Frog, Beautiful Zebra Stripes, Alcohol-Releasing Fish, A Shark that cannot Eat a Human, The World’s Largest Lizard, Koala Beer, Strange and Weird Bird, The Four Smartest Animals in the World, Californian Squirrel, Cuttlefish, African lion, Orchid Mantis, Animals that are not Birds but can Fly, Flying fish, Octopus, Cocktail Beetle with Hidden Wings, Flying Snake, Some of the world’s most Intelligent Animals, Gray Parrot, Elephant, Sea lion, chimpanzee, Man’s Faithful Dog, African Baboon, Ant, Dolphin, Some Amazing Bugs, Desert Locust, Giraffe Weevil, Froghopper, Dragonfly, Cicada, Sunset Moth, Gravity is a Universal Force, The Oldest Plant, The Coldest Place in the World, Where the Sun does not Rise for Two Consecutive Months, What is Rainbow?, Human Bones, Camels Store Water in their Bloodstream, A Cloud can Weigh Over a Million Pounds, What is a Cactus Plant?, How is Snow Made?, Water Facts for Kids, Lightning Facts, Why is the Sky Blue?, What is Sound?, How do We Talk to Astronauts in Space?, How many Stars are there?, What is a power?, How big is a Bacteria?, What are Atoms?, What is Matter?, What are Elements?, What is Plastic made of?, What is a sensor?, What is a Continent?, How do volcanoes form?, Are earthquakes like volcanoes?, What are fat, protein and carbohydrates?, The national flag of the USA has 13 stripes and 50 white stars on blue background, Recycling Facts for Kids, Solar Energy Facts for Kids, Rocket Facts for Kids, Cat Facts for Kids, Fungi are Living Organisms, Radio Waves, Biodiversity, Why Do Ships and Ice Float?, Tulip Facts, Rose Facts, Global Warming Facts, Lotus Facts, Lily Facts, Searchig Keywords: general knowledge, kids general knowledge, books general knowledge, general knowledge for kids, fun facts for kids, fun facts, fun facts kids, book of fun facts, books general knowledge, encyclopedia for kids, kid encyclopedia, books for general knowledge, general knowledge books for kids, kids general knowledge books, general knowledge notebook, kids encyclopedia books, encyclopedia kids, kids encyclopedia age 10, kids encyclopedia kindle, kids encyclopedia set age 7 and up,

ISBN: 9798666497463
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Pub Date: 07/2020
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