Fundamentals of Foil Fencing

Author: Joseph Vince


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Joseph Vince was a champion fencer and coach who developed his own unique style and was one of the premier leaders of U.S. Fencing.

Fundamentals of Foil Fencing is a well-written, concise study of foil fencing and the many elements that comprise the sport specifically related to working with the foil (versus the Épée or Saber).

This book is a great aid for the student of the game to develop a complete understanding of the fundamentals of this fascinating sport. Illustrated with black and white diagrams.

From the Author Introduction: “The reader will find that many of my interpretations are liberal and different from those to be found in various other books on fencing. However, the definitions given are the result of conclusions reached in my lifelong association with the sport as a student, as a competitor and as a teacher.”

ISBN: 9781958425091
Publisher: Budoworks
Pub Date: 06/2022
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