From Panic to Profit


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Publisher: Cathedral Capital
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The secret? Understanding six key numbers. It may sound too good to be true, but it’s not. Inside From Panic to Profi t, Chartered Financial Analyst Brooke Lively guides you step by step to gather and understand the vital few factors that can turn a failing law offi ce into a thriving profi table fi rm. Quit losing sleep over cashfl ow crises and mounting debt. You’re six key numbers away from a complete transformation in yourself and your six-fi gure business advantage.
“There are many books that help you strengthen your data component. Brooke’s is one of the best.” -GINO WICKMAN, AUTHOR OF TRACTION AND ENTREPRENEURIAL LEAP
CATHEDRAL CAPITAL is a team of CFOs and profi tability strategists who help entrepreneurs turn their companies into lucrative businesses. For almost a decade, they have specialized in partnering with both established and up-and-coming businesses that are experiencing fast growth and need guidance to adapt their strategy. CathCap works to educate owners on the specifics and reality of their bottom line, then collaborates with them to defi ne their version of success and to create a plan to execute it. Having worked with hundreds of small businesses in industries that range from attorneys to doctors to publicists to consultants and more, the CathCap team uses their diverse knowledge and unique perspectives to provide clear solutions to any client.
In this book, you will learn:

– How to identify problems before they actually become problems

– What Key Performance Indicators are important to track, why, and how

– When you should spend and when you shouldn’t

– A simple framework to eliminate the complexity behind your financials

ISBN: 9781946533906
Publisher: Cathedral Capital
Pub Date: 03/2020
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