From Genesis to Revelation: A Story You Find Yourself In


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Publisher: Balboa Press
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From the outside looking in the quality of your human experience is determined by the cumulative impact of the endless array of choices made throughout this extraordinary journey. Observing the physical manifestations of this output is where most of humanity places its collective attention, focus and judgment, leaving one spiritually empty and in the perennial search of meaning. Existence from this mindset is exhausting, leaving one to conclude that they are the proverbial hamster in a cage, obsessed with keeping its wheel turning. But to your defense that is to be expected, as that’s how you are made, and divinely so. Man was created with a dual nature, with the one that is first determined to keep you on the wheel and distracted from seeing the nature that is second. The first is referred to as the natural man and is symbolically found in Genesis and introduced throughout the Old Testament as the journey of the soul. The second is the spiritual man and is symbolically found throughout the New Testament with Revelation signifying the spiritualization of the soul. From Genesis to Revelation is A Story You Find Yourself In and it’s where you will find the purpose behind this journey and the meaning of your physical earthly existence.

ISBN: 9798765236864
Publisher: Balboa Press
Pub Date: 12/2022
Format: Hardcover
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Weight 1.14 lbs
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