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Publisher: Annie Phan
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Dong Tu may be a normal girl, but her high-profile affair with the Whispered World’s most dangerous man, Obsidian, has created more attention than she needs.

Set in a fantasy world similar to ancient Asia, The Winter Epic series is the story of Luu Dong Tu and the dangerous Eighteen of the Whispered World. It is a riveting adventure in the fantasy martial art world of swordplays, air bending, wind walking, superpower, elemental magic, and martial art combats…

Books in the series are stand-alone although it’s recommended to read them in this order:

#1 “The Girl Who Kept Winter” is a journey of falling in love for the first time. Join Dong Tu as she discovers Obsidian’s true identity and resolves the mystery of the snow and the poison that laces his skin.

#2 “Frigid” introduces a love triangle and the rivalries between Luu Dong Trung, a beautiful man with no martial art skills, and the most dangerous man of the Whispered World, Obsidian.

These beautiful, page-turning love stories will keep you longing for more.

“The Girl Who Kept Winter” is the English version of “Tuyet Den” – a Vietnamese young adult novel loved by generations.

From the back cover:

★★★★★ “Binge worthy! This series would make a great television series one day.” –Phan Xine, film director

★★★★★ “…Amazing, unforgettable characters that make you laugh, cry with them…” –Nguyen Khac Cuong, Editor in Chief, Muc Tim Magazine

★★★★★ “Never before have I read a book that ends with such a touching and masterful culmination of the book’s themes. Frigid has a striking yet bittersweet ending that makes an already great read all the more worth it.” –Ashley Sowers, Editor

★★★★★ “…This book is full of twists and turns and will surprise you until the very end.” –Cuong Phan, Translator

ISBN: 9781735964225
Publisher: Annie Phan
Pub Date: 03/2021
Format: Paperback
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