Forest of Mystical Creatures: Beyond The Brambles

Author: M. R. Myers


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Publisher: Fulton Books
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James and Charlotte are always getting into some sort of mischief. However, they had no idea the extent their actions would have on their lives. Out on a chore one day for the kitchen staff, they find themselves lost in an unknown territory where there is light, dark, luck, and danger. James and Charlotte must find their way home in one piece.

“Magical things happen in these parts. Some for the good…and some for the evil.”

ISBN: 9781639851584
Publisher: Fulton Books
Pub Date: 08/2021
Format: Hardcover
Weight: 0.57lbs
Size: 9.00h x 6.00w x 0.31d

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Weight 0.57 lbs
Dimensions 9.00 × 6.00 × 0.31 in