Folktales of Japan: Collection of 38 Japanese folktales



These tales and legends have been collected from many sources, which contains the mythology of Japan. Many are told from memory, being relics of childish days, originally heard from the lips of a school-fellow or a nurse. Certain of them, again, form favourite subjects for representation upon the Japanese stage. A number of the stories now gathered together have been translated into English long ere this, and have appeared in this country in one form or another, others are probably new to an English public.

This book includes such stories as:

Green Willow
The Flute
The Tea- Kettle
The Peony Lantern
The Sea King and the Magic Jewels
The Good Thunder
The Black Bowl
The Star Lovers
The Story of Susa, the Impetuous
The Wind in the Pine Tree
Flower of the Peony
The Mallet
The Bell of Dōjōji
The Maiden of Unai
The Robe of Feathers
The Singing Bird of Heaven
The Cold Lady
The Fire Quest
A Legend of Kwannon
The Espousal of the Rat’s Daughter
The Land of Yomi
The Spring Lover and the Autumn Lover
The Strange Story of the Golden Comb
The Jelly- Fish takes a Journey
Tamamo, the Fox Maiden
The Matsuyama Mirror
Broken Images
The Tongue- cut Sparrow
The Nurse
The Beautiful Dancer of Yedo
Hana- Saka- Jiji
The Moon Maiden
The Sad Story of the Yaoya’s Daughter

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