Fly Fishing Houston & Southeastern Texas



Bayou City: An Angler’s Paradise

The fourth-largest city in the U.S. has a secret hiding in plain sight: All that water means it’s a fabulous place for fly fishing. Travel no further than to the city’s “concrete flats” to stalk carp with Houston’s iconic skyline as a backdrop. Just outside the metro area, wade in the secluded spring-fed waters of the Pineywoods to find spotted bass, largemouth bass, and a variety of panfish. Launch a canoe or kayak in nearby lakes and backwaters to search for gar and bowfin. Add some adventure with a trip to Village Creek, a fascinating biozone where bass and catfish thrive along with four varieties of carnivorous plants and 35 species of orchids. With Fly Fishing Houston & Southeastern Texas as your guide, discover the rewards for anglers this unique region offers, from inside the city limits to the countryside beyond.

  • 38 detailed on-the-water descriptions of “wades” located on 12 unique streams and waterways
  • Descriptions of access points for paddles in local lakes
  • Suggestions for creating personalized fly boxes for southeastern Texas
  • More than 300 color photographs, including close-ups of the key sport fish available
  • QR codes supplying GPS coordinates for optimal parking for each wade location
  • Recommendations for the best gear to get started fly fishing
  • Angler-friendly breweries and fly shops
  • Local history, info, and events
  • Insider tips for sneaking up on fish

  • An overview of current water use regulations in the Houston area and how anglers can help keep streams, creeks, bayous, and even ditches available to fly fishing enthusiasts

ISBN: 9781945501609
Publisher: Imbrifex Books
Pub Date: 02/2023
Format: Paperback
Weight: 1.80lbs
Size: 9.00h x 5.90w x 1.10d

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Weight 1.80 lbs
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