Flexitarian Diet: Discover The Secrets Of Sustainable Weight Loss And A Healthy Lifestyle With This Most Rational Diet (The Simplified G


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Publisher: Micheal Kannedy
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Are You Finding It Extremely Difficult To Lose Weight? Do You Love Meat But Want To Go Vegan Full Time And Finding It Difficult To Do So? Does Including Plant Based Food In Your Diet Without Excluding Your Favorite Meals Sound Great To You?

A flexitarian diet is ideal for someone who wants to be more of a vegetarian than a carnivore but can’t exactly part from the succulent meat dishes. Being a flexitarian offers immense benefits and advantages that you will appreciate.

The plant-based cookbook helps you eat more plants while moderating your meat consumption! The Optimum Flexitarian is a wonderful resource for healthy cooking ideas that will inspire you to make more socially responsible meal choices. Although entirely giving up meat or animal-related products can be difficult, this book eases the process and inspires the most delicious meat-free meals!

This new Flexitarian Diet meal plan and cookbook gives you the foundations needed to seamlessly transition to the Flexitarian Diet in order to improve your overall health and begin losing excess body weight while eating healthy, balanced and nutritious meals each day.

ISBN: 9781837871889
Publisher: Micheal Kannedy
Pub Date: 12/2022
Format: Paperback
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