Fantastic Rebus Puzzles: Rebus Puzzle Books – Black & White Edition: Can You Solve All Word Plexer Puzzles?


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Have fun with this Rebus Puzzle book that will keep you busy for a while.
If you are looking for a logic puzzle book for adults and kids that will tax your brain, then this book will provide you with a challenge.

Increase your knowledge about a variety of topics and learn some new words

This plexer book contains black and white images that will make you wonder what they are but most will be easily recognizable

The difficulty level of the word winks varies from easy to medium to difficult. Some puzzles are a bit more difficult and will require more thought.

  • There are 1104 Rebus puzzles to enjoy.
  • Instructions and a rules list are provided for easy reference.
  • Contains 2500+ fun filled Black & White Images
  • Each page is divided into a grid of 24 squares (blocks) that has between 1-4 images per block.
  • The book has two sets of answers. All words are made up of images or abbreviations that will have to be combined in order to arrive at the final word (answer). One set is for the images that make up the words (answers) while the other set is the actual answer.
  • Some of the words (answers) may not be known to you and you may have to look up their meaning.
  • The book covers a variety of countries that include the USA, the UK, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Egypt, India and more.
  • Various topics are covered that include images depicting cats, houses, jesters, tigers, time, food, beds, women and more.

Don’t delay Buy this Rebus puzzle book now. Buy two or more to compete with family or friends.

ISBN: 9781792808920
Publisher: Independently Published
Pub Date: 12/2018
Format: Paperback
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Weight 0.47 lbs
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