Fall in Love with the Whispers of Your Heart: A Guide to Transformation from the Inside Out, Book 2volume 2

Author: Ann Ruane


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Publisher: Bookbaby
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The heart and soul of life are connected to the journey within. Let Fall in Love support you on a self-guided journey of healing, bringing comfort to the discomfort, acceptance to the rejection, and love to the unlovable.

Fall in Love builds connection to what is in your heart instead of operating strictly from your head. Understand the importance of emotions as a sign of strength and empowerment. Learn patience, perseverance, and commitment to yourself and your dreams.

Dive into deeper self-acceptance and self-worth. The reflective nature of the book allows you to vulnerably explore your inner truth…in your time…in your approach…with answers that are true for YOU. There’s no standard to be measured against, only a whole-hearted approach of gentle discovery.

Fall in Love kindles connection with others through kindling connection with yourself. It illuminates how you get stuck on expectations; awakening you to how judgment interferes with connection. It gently nudges you to dig deeper and release limiting beliefs. Fall in Love contains a poignant collection of poems and prayers to support your connection within.

Discover refreshing, meaningful ways to understand what your heart needs. Reveal the eloquence you hold within through the journaling pages at the end of each chapter. Open to the inner wisdom and allow what is within to pour out.
Fall in Love offers juicy nuggets and facilitates diving in and spending time with introspective concepts, leading to transformation. It invites you to explore and navigate your inner landscape to reveal the gems hidden within. Useful mantras are offered to support identifying your inner truth.

The engrossing insights and reflections take you by the hand to elicit thoughtful engagement. Find gratitude for who you are and what you have to offer. Learn to celebrate all of you, even what you judge as unlovable. Fall in Love walks with you as you open to your soul.

With Fall in Love, you will find joy in the midst of the unexpected. You will understand what fears surround your expectations. You will reclaim mindfulness regardless of what feelings arise.

Fall in Love will help you choose connection over perfection. The rich nature of the content wraps you in a sacred blanket of serenity and support. It brings light to what you hold in the shadows.

Reflect on past pain still being carried and find peace in its release. Understand how to be with pain to learn of its profound messages. Accept how pain is part of your path in the role of a teacher. Discover how pain is nudging you to listen within. Allow the reflection to lead to inspiration.

Experience freedom.

Release what holds you back.

Celebrate the journey.

Your whispers are waiting…

ISBN: 9781667843223
Publisher: Bookbaby
Pub Date: 09/2022
Format: Paperback

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