Facades: Design, Construction & Technology

Author: Lara Menzel


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Publisher: Braun Publishing
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The fa ade is the “skin” of a house. It forms the boundary between interior and exterior, between form and function, between user and pedestrian. In addition to aspects of function, construction, design and urban space, increasingly sustainability parameters are gaining importance. So fa ade design, construction and technology are assuming a greater significance in the building industry today. This volume provides an overview of the entire spectrum and presents the great creativity and technical gamut of current fa ade types. The projects from around the world show in each instance how the relationship of interior and exterior must be defined, designed and implemented. Special emphasis is placed in the presentation on revealing photographs, technical specifications and detail drawings.

ISBN: 9783037681107
Publisher: Braun Publishing
Pub Date: 01/2012
Format: Hardcover
Weight: 5.45lbs
Size: 13.40h x 9.60w x 1.30d

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Weight 5.45 lbs
Dimensions 13.40 × 9.60 × 1.30 in