Everyday Initiations: How Every Moment Is Initiating You To Be Your Best Self


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EVERYDAY INITIATIONSI know what you want.It’s what we all want deep down inside.You want to feel like you are fully alive, present, and connected.You want to feel like your life is infused with Soul, Spirit, and magic.You want to feel like you are living from your Heart and that youare giving and receiving Love every day.You want to feel like every day is amazing, that your life trulymatters and that you are truly making a difference.You want to feel like you are a good person and that you arecreating good vibes in the world.You want to feel like you are the best you that you can possibly beevery day.You want to feel like you are constantly growing and evolving as ahuman being and a spiritual being.You want connection.True connection.Connection with who you truly are.Connection with your loved ones.Connection with everyone and everything in your presence.Because when you don’t feel connected internally and externally, then life can feel very lonely and meaningless.The Truth is, every moment is a moment when a true connection isPossible.Every moment is initiating you to be your best Self.Anne Van de Water has been a prolific writer since childhood.She writes true inspirational stories about real people, places, things, and experiences.She is a true humanitarian, a champion, and a cheerleader for you to activate your highest potential as a human being and a Soul.She is a Spiritual Teacher and Light Worker and is here to support fellow Light Workers, Leaders, Teachers, Entrepreneurs, Healers, Creatives, and Change Makers make a positive contribution to humanity and our amazing planet.Her mission is to help you clear the stress, tension, and heavy energy in your life that is the result of living out of alignment with who you truly are and what is most important to you.Her zone of mastery is to help you raise the vibration of your body, mind, heart, Soul, and Spirit so you can manifest and embody your personal Vision for your life while bringing your beautiful gifts into the world in the most powerful, healthy and sustainable way possible.Her intention is to support you in transforming your life into a reality that makes you enthusiastically and honestly feel that you are living an authentic, one of a kind and truly fulfillingexistence.Anne is based in her hometown of Santa Barbara, California, and travels the world connecting with and cocreating inspirational stories with everyone and everything in her presence

ISBN: 9781941768693
Publisher: Waterside Productions
Pub Date: 10/2019
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