Every Woman Is a Female but Not Every Female Is a Woman: The Process Leads to Discovery


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When, a human female, is born, birth doesn’t automatically make her a mature, godly woman. Instead, living through life experiences, tests, trials, fleshly decisions, and mistakes helps her transition from female to Godly Womanhood. Despite the enemy’s attempt to castrate her God-given purpose through scars and insecurities, God has plans to elevate and promote her to new territories and dimensions. Every female has taken a bite of the forbidden fruit at some point. And each chapter paints canvases of a scene, which helps walk her through evolving moments into deliverance, restoration, and victorious outcomes without regret. God wants to meet every female right where she is in her life. In Every Woman is a Female but not Every Female is a Woman, Minister “Ro” will demonstrate transparency and personal testimony. She will use scriptural references to share how trusting God’s process will revolutionize her life and lead her to discovery.

ISBN: 9781665561631
Publisher: Authorhouse
Pub Date: 06/2022
Format: Hardcover
Weight: 0.97lbs
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Weight 0.97 lbs
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