Essentials of Service Design and Innovation – 4th Edition: Developing high-value service businesses with PCN Analysis


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This is the new and expanded FOURTH edition. It will change the way you think about and approach service design and innovation. Services represent the largest portion of economic activity in developed nations, and are likely an important part of your business. Unfortunately, services traditionally have lacked the rigorous design tools we see used in designing physical products. This book describes a simple yet powerful service design tool known as PCN Analysis. The PCN tool will allow you to document and analyze the provider-customer interactions that take place in your business, showing where increased value can be realized by strategically repositioning process elements. This book shows how firms can optimally design service operations to achieve value objectives, and systematically identify innovations that provide competitive advantage. More information about the book at http: // Table of Contents: PART I: SERVICE ANALYSIS BASICS Chapter 1 – The Importance of Service Design Chapter 2 – Understanding Services Chapter 3 – Creating PCN Diagrams Chapter 4 – Identifying the Value Proposition Chapter 5 – Strategic Process Positioning Chapter 6 – Conducting a Service Process Audit PART II: SERVICE DESIGN AND MANAGEMENT Chapter 7 – Managing Across the Regions Chapter 8 – Customization and CRM Systems Chapter 9 – Process Control and Job Design Chapter 10 – Managing the Customer Roles Chapter 11 – Assuring Interactive Quality Chapter 12 – Performance Measurement and Customer Feedback PART III: SERVICE IMPROVEMENT AND INNOVATION Chapter 13 – Improvement through Lean Services Chapter 14 – Servitization and Deservitization Chapter 15 – Systematic Service Innovation Chapter 16 – Building a Service Value Network Chapter 17 – Using PCN Analysis Across the Organization PART IV: CASE STUDIES Chapter 18 – Higher Education case study Chapter 19 – Healthcare case study Chapter 20 – Financial Services case study Chapter 21 – Computer retail case study Chapter 22 – Video Entertainment case study PART V: ADVANCED TOPICS Chapter 23 – Visualizing Concepts from Service Models Chapter 24 – Physical Summary

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