Escrima Masters


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A rare and definitive book featuring the top masters of the Filipino Martial Arts of Escrima, Kali and Arnis. This outstanding compilation gathers the best masters in one comprehensive volume. In their own words, they explain the philosophy, training and spirit of the art. This book gives rare insights into the physical, mental, and spiritual methods that have enabled these chosen few to reach the pinnacles of the Filipino Martial Arts. Dan Inosanto, Ben Largusa, Leo Giron, Edgar Sulite, Cacoy Canete, Rene Latosa – just to name a few – share thoughts and experiences in rare interviews that define the essence of their martial arts mastery.

For the first time, interviews with some of the world’s top Escrima/Kali/Arnis masters have been gathered together in one book. No matter how well you think you know these masters, you haven’t truly experienced their wit, wisdom, and insight until you have read “Escrima Masters”

ISBN: 9781949753059
Publisher: Ancient Warrior Productions
Pub Date: 11/2018
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