Entering the 5th Dimension


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Entering the 5th Dimension is about clearing the subconscious and connecting with each chakra to clear the past and become the god or goddess that you are inside yourself.

Accompanied by images of the portals in Sedona, this book helps to open the bridge of the new world and connect with other galaxies and express the love inside yourself.

Each image is connected to a chakra (or energy center) and gives you an affirmation to say for a month. It is a tool for entering into that dimension as you say the affirmation and meditate on the picture.

This is a voyage of love and trust as you are shedding old beliefs and allowing yourself to move forward in your life and become

the light body that you are as you shed the layers of the past.

You are born to become the light body that you are and ascend your consciousness and vibration to a higher level as you enter your light body

It is an exciting time to be born and realize you made the decision a long time ago.

ISBN: 9781667820996
Publisher: Bookbaby
Pub Date: 06/2022
Format: Paperback

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