EMP Attack Bug Out Vehicle: How To Choose and Modify An EMP Proof Car That Will Survive An Electromagnetic Pulse Attack When All Other Cars Quit W



One of the most essential elements of any disaster preparedness plan is to have a designated bug out vehicle that you can use to evacuate your family and supplies from your home to your bug out location if need be. The problem, however, is what if the disaster you face is a major EMP attack that fries all electronics and renders most cars useless? What are you supposed to do now? The answer, of course, is to own an EMP proof car that will still continue to run even after an EMP attack has happened. There are very few cars that will continue to work after an EMP attack, and the only ones that will will be a few older models made in 1990 or before. Fortunately, this book will discuss what specific types of cars will continue to work after an EMP attack and the features that you need to look for in each one. In this book, we will cover the following topics: The parts of a car that will be affected by an EMP Historical EMP tests on vehicle Qualities to look for in an EMP proof vehicle A list of affordable vehicles you can buy that will continue to work after an EMP attack Factors to consider with an EMP proof vehicle Steps to make your car even more EMP proof How to put together an EMP car survival kit Having a car that works even after an EMP will be a huge advantage that the vast majority of other people will not have. Having a car will enable you to get from Point A to Point B fast, to carry your family and supplies with you all in the same place, and to provide shelter from inclement weather. In contrast to this, bugging out on foot or in a bicycle will make travel significantly slower, will leave you more exposed to the outside elements and those who would seek to harm you, and you’ll be able to bring a lot less gear and supplies as well. This is why having a bug out vehicle is so important, and it’s why having one that will still work after an EMP attack is also so important.

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