Emotional Resilience


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When faced with adversity in life, how does a person cope or adapt? Why do some people seem to bounce back from tragic events or loss much more quickly, while others get “stuck” in the moment, lacking the ability to rise above their circumstances? Why do some people seem to have more emotional control than others?These questions and more are answered in Emotional Resilience -How to Manage your Mental and Emotional States for Optimal Results. In an ever-changing world where resilience and emotional intelligence are key to achieving success and happiness, developing personal mastery is crucial to overcoming obstacles and living your best life. Bringing together the latest research in neuroscience and real-life examples of resilience, University of Toronto instructor, entrepreneur and NLP Master Practitioner Claudia Ferryman combines the most powerful concepts and techniques available in neuropsychology, mindfulness, body-based tools and behavioural psychology to help you boost your coping strategies, mental fortitude and emotional intelligence. This powerful guidebook will teach you how to optimize your mind for greater self-regulation, resilience, health, performance and inner peace. Packed with meditation scripts to retrain your awareness, visualization exercises, how-to tools and questionnaires, Emotional Resilience will help you apply what you are learning to create lasting and profound change.

ISBN: 9781099272455
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Pub Date: 05/2019
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