Emalia: A Mother-Daughter Journey from Here to Beyond



In this powerful book of inspiration and hope, Brooke Brown shares the courageous journey of Emalia, her 41-year-old daughter-a vibrant young mother, wife, and friend-as they navigate through her cancer diagnosis and treatment. Along the way, they experience gifts of deepening friendships and exceptional care as well as the joys of momentary upswings and the anguish of potential loss. This thoughtful book provides practical tools and resources for anyone grieving the loss of a loved one and, hopefully, comfort.

Divided into five easily-read sections, Emalia draws the reader into the intimate relationship shared by Emalia and her mother. Brown, a retired clinical psychologist, familiarizes the reader with the nuances of grieving and offers tools for healing and growing through grief, no matter what the loss. Despite being written by a grieving parent, the tone of Emalia is upbeat.

For counselors, therapists, clergy, teachers, and professionals in the medical community, Emalia takes the reader into the heart of the greatest loss a parent can know rather than impart simply an intellectual understanding.

Praise for Emalia

Emalia… brings us into an acute awareness of the vulnerability of our lives and the often-unrecognized strengths that we all have as we live into the mysterious nature of being alive and being conscious that we are…. In the end we feel joined in our common humanity and maybe just a little more aware of our own good fortune and more prepared to faces our own inevitable losses.”

Phillip Moffitt, author of Dancing with Life

“This heartfelt story will show those who are grieving that you are not alone….Best of all, she [the author] allows you to acknowledge that love never dies. Your loved ones who pass truly are still right here.”

Suzanne Giesemann, author of Messages of Hope

“Brooke Brown faced a mother’s worst nightmare-a child’s incurable cancer and eventual death-yet used this tragedy as the inspiration to dedicate herself to help others suffering in related ways and to share her experience and hard- won wisdom in this moving book.”

Roger Walsh, MD, Ph.D.,

University of California Medical School

ISBN: 9798986025407
Publisher: Banana Moon Press
Pub Date: 09/2022
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