Edible Flowers & Leaves



For amateur and professional cooks and gardeners alike this is the definitive cook and reference book on edible flowers and micro greens. With over 100 recipes that will bring edible flowers and green leaves into your kitchen this easy-to-use cookbook includes recipes for picking, storage and preservation of edible flowers & leaves, candied & crystallized flowers, betel leaf green papaya salad, candied mint leaves, tempura, flower ice bowls, flower waters & jellies, perilla, pandan and Asian green recipes, confetti scones, chive blossom scape soup and vinaigrettes. We are also lucky enough to be able to share exclusively with our readers a recipe provided specifically for publication in this volume of The Culinary Library from one of Australia’s most awarded and respected chefs, Dan Hunter. His rhubard, licorice, almond and citrus dessert with edible flowers and leaves can be found on pages 145-148 of Edible Flowers & Leaves and a google image search will show you just how amazing this dessert is and how lucky we are to have Dan’s generous support. There is a comprehensive chapter on microgreens, what they are and how to grow them. Experienced gardeners will find this exciting and those new to gardening might find the inspiration to begin. And for the romantics at heart, we have a comprehensive history, explanation and list of emotional meanings of flowers in the Floriography section. If you like gardening and growing your own flowers and vegetables, like to cook and plate beautiful food, are a vegetarian or vegan then this book is going to give you a whole new direction and enthusiasm for plants. The reference and cookbook series essential in any kitchen. Volume 1, Alchemy of the Mortar & Pestle, (#1 on Amazon) Hundreds of recipes for pastes, curries, butters, dips, marinades, flavored oils. Volume 2, Edible Flowers and Leaves, (#4 on Amazon) with recipes for microgreens, edible flowers and baby leaves. Volume 3, Mastery of the Sauces. THE most comprehensive cookbook on Sauces currently on the market with hundreds of recipes from the Classic 5 Mother sauces of French Classical cookery and their derivative sauces to the foams and soil sauce replacements of the molecular gastronomy movement. Volume 4, Soups. Volume 5, Salt & Pepper.Volume 6, The Ultimate Guide to Cooking EGGS due for release in October 2017.The only technical cookbook series for chefs and beginners alike.

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Pub Date: 12/2013
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