Dying to Know You: Proof of God in the Near-Death Experience


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Publisher: Rainbow Ridge
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What has been missing from my work, from everyone else’s work, from personal stories, from those who interpret personal stories, from experts in religion and spirituality, from the news media, the scientists, the grief-stricken, and the born again . . . is the voice of the collective . . . inside what we all seek to describe. What lies at the heart of near-death experiences? A God that in ways beyond description, smiles at you. Not the God of holy writ, but a Sourceplace–an all-encompassing Oneness, Allness, that, as It breathes, moves skin and bark and wings and stars and babes and rivers and comets and dreams and faces . . . as well as the mustard on your hotdog. The book you have before you releases that collective voice, the sum
of millions of people–worldwide–who speak as one. It is nothing less than the proof that everyone on planet Earth, in their own heart, seeks to have: that God exists.

ISBN: 9781937907280
Publisher: Rainbow Ridge
Pub Date: 09/2014
Format: Paperback
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