Druid’s Child


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Publisher: Bookbaby
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Druid’s Child is the story of Adam, a young child born unto the Druid legacy and of the adventures he faces growing up and meeting his final destiny with Crough, the evil God who is bent on destroying all that is good in the lands. Adam is protected first and foremost by his grandfather, the great Druid Starwald, along with the finest warriors in the lands from the races of Men, Giants, Elves, and Dwarfs. The great fire of death powers the evil forces that invade the westlands as Adam and Starwald race to save all. With additional help from Brun, the greatest warrior of the race of man, the companions encounter multiple battles with the enemy, culminating in a deathly encounter with Crough. Follow the companions on their journey in this epic fantasy story that will leave you wanting more every time you stop reading.

ISBN: 9781667878638
Publisher: Bookbaby
Pub Date: 02/2023
Format: Paperback
Size: 8.50h x 5.50w

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