Dreamtimes and Thoughtforms: Cosmogenesis from the Big Bang to Octopus and Crow Intelligence to UFOs



– Examines animal intelligences within a greater evolutionary context, detailing in particular the remarkable intelligence of crows and octopuses

– Looks at the Australian Aborigine Dreamtime as an attempt to understand the combined geological and geomantic landscape

– Investigates a range of ideas as they relate to the intersections of consciousness and reality, including reincarnation, past-life memories, ghosts, and UFOs

From the origins of the cosmos to the microbiome, COVID-19 pandemic, UFOs, and the shapeshifting of octopuses and language of crows, Richard Grossinger traverses the mysteries and enigmas that defi ne our universe and personal reality.

Beginning his narrative with the Big Bang, origin of the Milky Way, and birth of our solar system, Grossinger o ers a chronology of Earth’s geological, climatological, biological, and sociological evolution, leading to the current environmental and psychospiritual crisis. He explores the origin of cell life, RNA-DNA, and larger biomes, detailing in particular the remarkable intelligence of crows and octopuses. He uses the Australian Aborigine Dreamtime to understand landscapes as thoughtforms. He then o ers reimaginings, from the perspective of “dreamings,” of a wide variety of animals, including tardigrades, llamas, sea turtles, pigeons, bees, and coyotes.

Examining the scientifi c dilemmas and paradoxes of consciousness, time, and quantum entanglement, Grossinger carries these into the range of issues around reincarnation, past-life memories, messages from the afterlife, and ghosts. Sharing exercises from his personal practice, Grossinger makes a distinction between the Buddhist description of reality and how Buddhist practitioners create an operating manual for the universe and an assured path of salvation. The author then examines UFOs and their connections to elementals, fairies, and cryptids in terms of psychoids, Jung’s term for transconscious processes that enter our world as autonomous entities.

Taking the reader on a journey through the seen and unseen universe, from the Big Bang to the imaginal landscape of Dreamtime, Grossinger shows that matter is infused with spirit from its very beginning.

ISBN: 9781644115640
Publisher: Park Street Press
Pub Date: 09/2022
Format: Paperback
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Weight 1.05 lbs
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