Do: The Path of Continuous Growth


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Publisher: Jetlaunch
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Embrace a higher personal responsibility while you are truly enjoying your Do (in Japanese pronounced “doh”); your path, your truth.- Become aware of your gifts, your purpose, your passions, and embrace a higher personal responsibility to achieve your goals.- Develop a martial mindset by learning profound and practical concepts from “Budo” (Traditional Japanese Martial Arts).- Overcome each of the daily challenges and discover your Do in less than ninety days.- Create and implement your own Personal Strategy Canvas (PSC).- Clarify your deepest dreams, challenges, opportunities, and explore how to make daily progress towards your goals.Commit to your own process and you will see amazing things happening in your life

ISBN: 9781641841160
Publisher: Jetlaunch
Pub Date: 04/2019
Format: Paperback
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Weight 0.52 lbs
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